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About Charlie
Del Torchio

Del Torchio

Contact Information
Office: 978-836-8001
Fax: 855-612-1917
NMLS #: 1316610
Office Address
130 Centre Street, Danvers House #103, Mailbox C-16
Danvers, MA 01923

Thank you for viewing my page!  As a homeowner, and father of 3, I understand the financial pressures we all face.  Whether you have a family or not, living in a comfortable space and paying rent to yourself is something we all enjoy.  I take personal pride when turning renters into home buyers, assisting people create future wealth through investment properties, and diminishing people's debt burdens by reducing their monthly payment and/or consolidating high interest lingering debt through refinancing to a lower rate.  

Buying a home for the first time can be even more overwhelming and confusing, than it already is, if you don't have the information you need.  "What do I qualify for?", "What will it cost me every month?", "What do I do now?", all very common questions.  I have the experience and knowledge to assist you through a smooth search, approval, and closing.  I will ensure you are looking at houses you qualify for and communicate the steps to come. There will be many questions and I am here to answer all of them.  

If you are looking to refinance for a change in rate and/or term, take advantage of today's rates! Cash out refinancing is also an easy and practical way to upgrade your home with renovations, pay off debt, invest, or give you the cash in hand to utilize however you would like.

Buying investment properties is a strong financial tool for future income and diversification, there is no additional land being made!  Knowing how much you qualify for is paramount to the search.  We will run scenarios to see what level of rental income vs cost is necessary to suit your comfort level.   

Building a house?  We offer financing for that too!  Experience, knowledge, competitive mortgage rates, and an immense variety of loan programs are things you can expect from me.  As you will see, I am dedicated to every borrower and enjoy helping people succeed with their housing and financial needs.  Contact me today to discuss your situation and how I can help you! 

Lending in CT, FL, MA, ME, NH, NC, PA

Branch NMLS# 1616364

Once you have the best you can't go back !! Thanks Charlie Del Torchio ! - Maryann and Marjorie
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